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We are looking to quickly fill 2 positions in our office. One for a Service Technician and one for a Delivery Driver. Must be able to lift heavy objects and follow direction. Pay is dependent on experience but above minimum wage. I will list the job description below.

Service Technician Duties: Make repairs to windows, doors and skylights including glazing, balancing, replacing window parts, includes cleaning products and maintain a clean job site, as well as any other adjustments that need to be made to attain proper function. Maintain proper paperwork for each service job, listing all important information including photos if possible and turn in to office manager daily. Follow service schedule keeping appointments on time and maintaining contact with customer if you are running late. Provide excellent customer service and maintain professional appearance and demeanor. Track service inventory and let front office know when parts are needed.

Warehouse/Delivery Driver Duties: Receive shipments from vendors. Check off on paperwork noting any errors or back orders. Turn in shipping paperwork to office manager. Loading and unloading of orders for customers in a careful and safe manner. Maintain proper paperwork with signatures for each delivery and turn in to the office manager daily. Leave invoices and picking slips with customers as requested. Keep warehouse and work trucks clean and organized. Perform any other cleaning duties as requested – spider webs, trash, parking lot litter, recycling, sweeping, organizing and labeling of product. Follow delivery schedule keeping appointment on time. Provide excellent customer service and maintain professional appearance and demeanor. Help service tech track inventory. Keep oil changes on work trucks current and keep work trucks clean inside and out.

If you are interested please come in with your resume or to fill out an application at 314 El Pueblo Rd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114.

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