Spring Cleaning

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Spring Cleaning

Spring is well on its way and in sunny Albuquerque we are starting to open our windows and doors to let the fresh air in....finally! This is a wonderful time to do some routine maintenance to keep everything working well through the summer. Below are some basic tips for you to start:

• Clean out dirt and debris from sills and tracks to keep your windows
and doors opening and closing easily.
• Clean the frame, sash and hardware by using a mild solution of soap and
water and a soft rag or brush. 
• To clean the glass, first wipe loose dirt and grime from the glass with a
soft clean dry cloth. Apply a cleaning solution such as mild soapy water,
vinegar and water, or a liquid window cleaner to the glass and wipe in
a circular motion. Remove the cleaning solution with a squeegee or
clean, lint-free cloth. Rinse with clear water if soap has been used.
• Rinse insect screens periodically with a garden hose. If needed, wash
with a mild solution of soap and water and a soft fiber brush. Hose
off with clear water.
• On gliding windows, casement or awning windows, and patio doors,
lubricate all moving parts, such as locks, hinges, operators, and rollers
with dry lubricant to maintain ease of operation. DO NOT use wet
lubricants or harsh abrasive cleaners that will collect dirt or other
corrosive particles.

If repair or part replacement is needed and you purchased your windows from us please give us a call or click Request A Service under the contact tab so we can get our in-house service tech out to access the issue.

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